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Community organising against the cuts

Spontaneous campaigns have popped up across the country opposing the cuts. You can find lists of them on the TUC website, or contact your local Trades Council.
Already, this year’s intake of TUC Academy Organisers have turned out to one en masse in Oxford, and doubtless the rest of us, dotted all over the country, have [...]

Training session a complete success!

I have been working with a group of ULRs in my region to run a training course. The ULRs have run this course for three years now but they have never been confident in taking it further and trying to get more active members in the regions.
I delivered a short “Organising” session where I led a [...]

Last Evening at Ruskin

I can’t believe it is already the last evening of our final module at Ruskin College in Oxford.
As a celebration, nearly all of the Organising Academy Trainees, joined by Liz, enjoyed a nice evening of wining, dining and having a good time.
Everyone enjoyed a lovely meal at Cafe Rouge in Oxford with delicacies such as [...]

A Hectic Month for Teaching Union Recruitment

As my fellow teaching union colleagues will agree, September is possibly the most hectic month of the year. It is great to see that each year the three main teaching unions, ATL, NASUWT and NUT, are invited to universities and teacher training providers across the country to recruit new student teachers into our unions. Importantly, [...]

Injustice is the Key Driver for Trade Unions to Fight the ConDem Government Cuts

Tracey Bent and myself are Field Organizers for CWU and work as a team. Both of us try to combine our practical organizing with theoretical work, which just means trying to understand what is really happening in our society. As opposed to what vested interest would have you believe.
My driving interest right now concerns the [...]

The role of Trades Councils in resisting the Con Dem cuts

The coalition government have put cuts, not recovery, at the top of their agenda. They are going for civil servants, teachers, police, health services (whatever they say about ring fencing the NHS) and just about anything else that received much needed investment while Labour where in office.
An attack like this requires a united response. Trades [...]

A World Without Trade Unions

Fellow organising academy trainee Dave Condliffe recently sent me the link to a really shocking Channel 4 Dispatches programme called Britain’s Secret Slaves (broadcast Monday 30th August 10). 
The programme is about domestic workers brought into this country from abroad to work as slaves for the rich and powerful.  Some of their employers are foreign [...]

Union Organising ‘Against the Grain’

Thanks to the Organising Academy and my experience with the Communication Workers Union, I am obsessed by the extent to which unions have adopted the organising agenda – not just in this country but abroad.
I recently came across a website called “Against the Grain – A Programme about Politics, Society and Ideas” at  [...]

Thanet Love Music Hate Racism Website Now Online

Thanet LMHR website is now online… wow!!! Go to: and preview some of the great acts performing live at East Kent Love Music Hate Racism Festival – including our headliner Lowkey and local acts Spookasonic, The Assembly Worker, Colt 44 and loads more great acts!

Everyone is invted to come and join NUT and Thanet LMHR for East Kent [...]

Superb turnout for Save our Schools lobby of Parliament

More than 700 teachers, parents and pupils gathered in London on Monday to protest the cancellation of the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) project. It was wildly successful, with a rally that filled the overflow room to capacity, followed by a walk to the Department for Education which is, ironically, being refurbished. you can [...]

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