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The role of Trades Councils in resisting the Con Dem cuts

The coalition government have put cuts, not recovery, at the top of their agenda. They are going for civil servants, teachers, police, health services (whatever they say about ring fencing the NHS) and just about anything else that received much needed investment while Labour where in office.

An attack like this requires a united response. Trades Councils across the country are awakening to these new attacks, and their role in resisting them. Last night more than 150 people packed a hall in Nottingham to hear Labour MPs, trade unionists and community campaigners call for united resistance.

On Sunday 19 September 4,000 trade unionists lobbied the Lib Dems in Liverpool. The Liverpool Trades Council organised a march through the city. If you have a Trades Council In your area, get involved and bring some of that Organising Academy magic to these slumbering giants.

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