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Training session a complete success!

I have been working with a group of ULRs in my region to run a training course. The ULRs have run this course for three years now but they have never been confident in taking it further and trying to get more active members in the regions.
I delivered a short “Organising” session where I led a [...]

The power of organising, and progressive Lincolnshire…

Back to Lincolnshire again, where the road beneath you is the highest point in the landscape. This time a bit of experience, and a bit more planning, and every visit was a success. Even where the head wanted to turn us away they couldn’t.
For this visit hundreds of letters, scores of posters and dozens of [...]


Followers of my blog will remember that I have recently put together my project plan and that the first item is mapping.
Mapping is just what it sounds like: a process of understanding the important features of a workplace or situation: how many people work in this office, or warehouse or industry, how many are union [...]

What do you do all day?

 Here’s an example of a working week from around the beginning of March. What I notice about this week, looking back is that it’s a remarkably unstructured.
 At this stage I was beginning to think about my work plan and I certainly had some ideas but nothing had been given the go-ahead. I was still trying [...]

Andrew Robbins – NUT Organiser!

Andrew Robbins – NUT Organiser!
Somewhere around the summer of 2008, I took the difficult decision to leave behind my blossoming future as an Elvis Presley impersonator and take up the gauntlet of organising full-time in the labour movement!! A tough call you might think – after all it’s hard to beat Elvis when it comes [...]

Working for SERTUC

This is a post I’ve put slightly on the back burner. The environment is new to me so it’s taken some time to form an impression.
I’m working for the South East region TUC, based in the magnificent Congress House, just off of London’s Oxford Street (my first pay packet was spent in my mind at [...]

Stewart Halforty

Sponsoring Union: NASUWT
Stewart first got involved with unions when he joined USDAW as a 16 year old Tesco worker. He distributed his first union leaflet at 17 and was almost sacked for it.
He has been a campaigning activist for many years, most recently when he worked for Stop the War Coalition setting up and supporting [...]

Southbank recruitment success

PCS members at the South Bank recently held a successful recruitment event, targeting ticketing and non-retail staff.
Organised by reps Jack Goffe and Helen Burgess, this event drew interest from a variety of staff, including young members, some of whom  joined on the day.
The Royal Festival Hall was closed in 2006 under a massive refurbishment programme, [...]

Organising Polish workers

example of PCS Polish recruitment literature 
Saturday 07 February marked the beginning of a PCS culture sector recruitment drive, focusing on Polish workers. Polish culture sector members attended a cross-union recruitment event organised jointly by the TUC and BERR (Department of Business,Enterprise and Regulatory Reform), to highlight the benefits of union membership to Polish workers [...]

Odds On Organising

Two months goes very quickly when you are organising, I have warn through one set of shoes, one coat and now know London by betting shop locations. When I started at Community no one said it would be easy, but I don’t know any organising campaign that is! It is not hard to get motivated [...]

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