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Community organising against the cuts

Spontaneous campaigns have popped up across the country opposing the cuts. You can find lists of them on the TUC website, or contact your local Trades Council.
Already, this year’s intake of TUC Academy Organisers have turned out to one en masse in Oxford, and doubtless the rest of us, dotted all over the country, have [...]

The role of Trades Councils in resisting the Con Dem cuts

The coalition government have put cuts, not recovery, at the top of their agenda. They are going for civil servants, teachers, police, health services (whatever they say about ring fencing the NHS) and just about anything else that received much needed investment while Labour where in office.
An attack like this requires a united response. Trades [...]

Superb turnout for Save our Schools lobby of Parliament

More than 700 teachers, parents and pupils gathered in London on Monday to protest the cancellation of the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) project. It was wildly successful, with a rally that filled the overflow room to capacity, followed by a walk to the Department for Education which is, ironically, being refurbished. you can [...]

Another day, another slip up.

It could be anything, depending on what day you read this. Maybe they’ve published edition 17 of the list of cancelled school building projects; or forgotten they were the government whilst standing at the despatch box; or proposed a John Lewis style part-privatisation of the moon.

It’s a government of the rich, but a poor example [...]

The power of organising, and progressive Lincolnshire…

Back to Lincolnshire again, where the road beneath you is the highest point in the landscape. This time a bit of experience, and a bit more planning, and every visit was a success. Even where the head wanted to turn us away they couldn’t.
For this visit hundreds of letters, scores of posters and dozens of [...]

School visits and follow up in the land of the Founding Fathers

At one school we had a very friendly deputy head pop in to ensure that everything was alright. Once she was in, she wasn’t for leaving. In the end we had to have a polite word.

Stewart Halforty

Sponsoring Union: NASUWT
Stewart first got involved with unions when he joined USDAW as a 16 year old Tesco worker. He distributed his first union leaflet at 17 and was almost sacked for it.
He has been a campaigning activist for many years, most recently when he worked for Stop the War Coalition setting up and supporting [...]

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